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Please feel free to contact us with any type of inquiry. Our customer support will answer any question within 24 hours.


Do you offer prescription services?

We are proud to annouce that we offer world-class and worldwide prescription services. See more under "Prescription" in the top bar.

Returns, Shipping & Exchanges

We fully understand that frames can be a try-on product which is why we made a pledge from day 1 - to offer worldwide free shipping, free returns and free exchanges, forever. Please see more information here.

Where can I try the frames?

We frequently have pop-up stores in Copenhagen and New York, so feel free to drop by if you are in the area. Furthermore and as stated above, you can purchase, exchange and return the frames for free should you decide to try out a pair. Lastly, we refer to our Store Locator in case you would like to try out a frame at any third party re-seller.

Which frame will suit me?

Although it comes down to your personal preferences, we generally recommend the following:

Cloos x Brady / A squared frame that fits most face shapes comfortably.

Cloos x Brady - Hermosa / A soft squared frame featuring a top-bar that would generally fit most faces.

Cloos x Brady - Pacifica /  Featuring timeless, vintage-inspired round edges, this frame will comfortably fit most face shapes. 

Cloos x Elsa / A classic cat-eye shaped frame that will fit medium to smaller face shapes. 

Cloos x Elsa - Malibu / A vintage-inspired soft squared frame that will go well with a slightly slimmer face shape.

Cloos x Elsa - Laguna / A larger squared frame that will go well with most face shapes.

Paloma / The all-classic “default” frame that will fit most faces. Never too small, never too large.

Larvotto / A neo-classic, vintage-inspired soft frame that will fit medium to smaller face shapes.

Mala / The soft-squared frame that generally goes well with a more ‘squared’ face shape.

Passable / A vintage-inspired frame that we generally recommend for larger faces.

Pampelonne / An iconic frame style that usually goes well with a slightly slimmer face shape.

Saint Barths / Our take on the aviation inspired frame that goes well with a squared face shape.

Gouverneur / Although a smaller ‘look’, it fits both larger and smaller face shapes.

What are the measurements of each frame?

All frames are designed to be worn by all faces due to our unique spring hinge technology, hence we operate with “one size fits all”. The actual measurements are as follows:

Cloos x Brady / 49-24-148

Cloos x Brady - Hermosa / 49-24-148

Cloos x Brady - Pacifica / 49-21-145

Cloos x Elsa / 53-22-145

Cloos x Elsa - Malibu / 51-19-145

Cloos x Elsa - Laguna / 54-19-144

Paloma / 49-21-145

Larvotto / 48-21-145

Mala / 49-21-145

Passable / 49-24-145

Pampelonne / 48-21-145

Saint Barths / 51-17-145

Gouverneur / 49-19-145


  • Christopher Cloos - Europe

    Ny Østergade 9, 2. th.
    1101 Copenhagen

    (+45) 49 40 97 97

  • Christopher Cloos - USA

    205 Hudson St, New York, NY 10013, USA

    +1 (332) 201-3891

  • Christopher Cloos - St. Barths

    Idalmi St. Barth
    Centre Vaval 1. Floor
    St. Jean
    St Barthelemy

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